Run IIS Express on Port 443 Using SSL and Wildcard Subdomains

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In this post I tackle running a website using wildcard subdomains over HTTPS and SSL all using just IISExpress.

If you have a multi-tenancy app, or rather an application that uses a wildcard subdomain to identify a user or dynamic subsite, then you may have run into trouble trying to test the subdomain functionality locally. The problem is compounded when you also want to ensure your site is served using HTTPS and SSL.

We’ll start basic and then move on to the more complex scenarios.

Important. Open Visual Studio in Adminstrator Mode.

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开始之前,先吐槽几句,让我发泄一下。好久不搞windows,和linux系统以比较,windows server真的是垃圾啊。各种莫名其妙的设置,各种不能自动化。前几天试图用脚本来自动配置本地组策略,google了一整天都没找到合适的方法,最后迫不得已接受必须手工配置的结果。今天解决客户端证书的问题,这次还算运气好,有好几种方式可以解决,赶紧记录下来,一方面windows的资料太他妈难找了,另一方面下次不知道什么时候又要碰这个东西,不记下来很快就忘记了。需要说明一下,虽然这里只是介绍客户端证书的配置,实际上修改IIS的其他配置是类似的,这也是需要记录下来的原因,就当是手册了。

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IIS application pool

    An Internet Information Services (IIS) application pool is a grouping of URLs that is routed to one or more worker processes. Because application pools define a set of Web applications that share one or more worker processes, they provide a convenient way to administer a set of Web sites and applications and their corresponding worker processes. Process boundaries separate each worker process; therefore, a Web site or application in one application pool will not be affected by application problems in other application pools. Application pools significantly increase both the reliability and manageability of a Web infrastructure.

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